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ここにできるようなことが書いてあるんだが,試してもらったところ,できないそうな.最初に provisioning を iTunes のアプリケーションにドラッグアンドドロップしようとしても,Windows は受け付けない.



For anyone else future, on a windows machine what i did was open up iTunes. Do a File -> Import and then select the .mobileprovision file. You can then go o the applications screen, and drag and drop the .app folder onto iTunes and sync the app. With the recent fixes found in this thread:, everything is working correctly now.

I managed to build an iPhone distribution app and sent it to a few beta testers. Those with Mac machines managed to install it just fine. Everyone with a windows machine encountered the same problem. When dragging the app folder into iTunes application tab, nothing happens. The mobileprovision installs fine, but dragging the app folder doesn't do anything. No processing happens and no app shows up. Has anyone encountered this problem where the ad-hoc distribution app works fine on OSX but not on Windows? Did I miss an important step that affects only windows?

Dragging the app to iTunes is not as forgiving on Windows as it is on Mac. Have the user select Applications on the left side and then drag the app file to the right side. That's worked for me.

Here's what I do from the command line:

cp myicon.512x512.jpg iTunesArtwork
mkdir Payload
cp -rp Payload/
zip -r iTunesArtwork Payload
mv myapp.ipa 

Then I email the .ipa file and provision file to windows users. Another possibility is to drop your .app bundle onto iTunes on a Mac. Then find the .ipa that iTunes creates in its Mobile Applications directory, and email that.

Link: Programming(4977d) iPhone_Dev(5220d)
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